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Currently, it is possible to borrow money at least in several different ways. The market for quick loans and cash loans can be divided between two “players”. Banks offering loans and cash loans very popular these days – loan companies offering quick cash loans and payday loans.

In recent years, getting a loan has become increasingly difficult. All thanks to various resolutions and orders concerning the banking sector, which determine who and in what situation can get a loan from a bank. An alternative solution introduced loan companies offering so-called payday loans direct lenders via the Internet. You can check out here! 

The difference can be seen primarily in costs. Comparing cash loans and payday loans, you can immediately see that banking offers are much cheaper. Interest rates and commissions that customers dictate to loan companies often exceed several dozen percents, on a monthly basis which translates into high APRC, reaching even several hundred percents per annum.

It turns out that even more expensive non-bank loans are more attractive to many people than loans and cash loans at banks. All because of the ease with which you can get a break. Lack of certificates, minimum formalities and sometimes even the lack of verification of the Customer in the Credit Information Bureau makes loan companies basically able to give loans to everyone. Customers of Gilpin are usually people whom the bank refused to credit.

Another issue that appeals to payday loans is the opportunity to receive the first minute to PLN 2,000 completely free and numerous promotions organized by loan companies that allow you to borrow money for regular customers for a lower percentage and a higher amount. In addition, the convenience and availability of payday loans and the speed with which you can receive money complete the whole. When it comes to the speed of loan companies, banks are without a chance. In a loan company, the Customer arranges all formalities via the Internet and receives a credit decision within 15 minutes of sending the application. A transfer to the borrower’s account is made just behind her. Money still appears on the same day the application was submitted. At the bank, the credit procedures are complex, last for long hours and in most cases end in denial.

In short, fast non-bank loans, so-called awkwardness, they are great for emergency situations in which money is needed really quickly. If we have high earnings, permanent employment, an indefinite employment contract, and a good credit history, it is worth choosing a cash loan.