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You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to need a payday loan , you don’t have to have an expanding company to find yourself in this situation. Even if in the collective imagination the payday loan is around an entrepreneurial condition, it is not so.

Employees often need payday loans to meet their daily expenses. Maybe to deal with an unexpected event but not only: organizing a daughter’s wedding or a special party for your relatives, or simply enjoying a holiday could be good examples.

Fixed salary: little savings

To organize the necessary sum it would take too long, but don’t forget the advantage of a stable income . Just like that of teachers: public education provides a monthly that you can take advantage of to get payday loans that will help you meet everyday needs and small dreams.

The best solution to apply for a payday loan for teachers is the (National Institute of Pensions for Public Administration Employees, also dedicated to public education employees.

The payday loan can be requested from different financial companies and has a fundamental advantage: the necessary requirements are minimal. That is, you must prove that you have a permanent contract. But what are the main features of the teacher payday loan?

Small payday loans

The name of this payday loan says it all. This is a small amount of money that can be used to solve sudden problems and have immediate liquidity. The installments are divided between a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 48 months : perfect for minimum needs.

As the official page also suggests, the payment is made either in cash at the cashier’s bank of the Institute or by crediting to the postal or bank account.

Direct multi-year payday loans

A category that is certainly more articulated, because the payday loan is disbursed only if particular needs are ascertained. A few examples: a robbery that put you in difficulty, a natural disaster , the organization of marriage, the birth of a child.

To obtain this payday loan, you must have completed a minimum of four years of seniority and a contribution payment for the aforementioned unitary management. It can also be requested by those with a fixed-term contract not less than 3 years, provided that the installments (from 60 to 120) fall within its duration. To learn more: direct multi-year payday loans on the website .

Guaranteed multi-year payday loans

A third option of payday loans that allows you to be safe from certain risks that can strike the teacher at any moment. Any examples? The death of the member before the assignment expires, a sudden decrease in salary, termination of the service without pension rights.

Who can apply for this payday loan? Teachers in service with at least 4 years of useful retirement activities . Here is a useful link to read an article dedicated exclusively to guaranteed multi-year payday loans .

Pay off the payday loan

Let’s move on to the sore point: how can you pay off the payday loan (now )? Simple, with the sale of the fifth. That is with a maximum one fifth of the salary (or 20%) directly from the paycheck.

Obviously payday loans are just one of the solutions to obtain liquidity and economic security in a period of need. We are at your disposal to find the best solution for your needs.